• Burning the Redshirt Podcast

    We have officially announced the name to our podcast “Burning The Redshirt” Hope you guys enjoy all three of us, Chris, Andrew, and Zach, discussing

  • Podcast #2

    Zach and Andrew dive into what we saw in week 0 and look ahead to week 1 and what that brings in terms of fantasy

  • Chris Kay’s Man Crushes

    The 2017 season is nearly upon us and before we do there is one thing every fantasy college football “tout” must do. They must plant

  • Letter to my Followers

    Five years ago, I had a vision of starting a blog dedicated to College Fantasy Football. I was still finishing up my Journalism degree at

  • Transfer Follow-Up

    Transferring schools has to be a pretty stressful/exciting time in a person’s life especially when you are considered a top college athlete. Some transfer because

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