Bye Week Cheat Sheet 2013

Knowing when a team’s bye weeks are is a good thing to know when entering your fantasy draft. In college, the number of bye weeks can vary for different teams. Some have just one, others have two, and some can even have 3 bye weeks in a single season. Of course, the teams with fewer bye weeks are more beneficial to have when it comes to fantasy purposes. You don’t have to worry about find a replacement for your player near as often which makes life easier on you. I have compiled a spreadsheet showing every FBS team’s bye week/weeks. Take it and use it throughout the season so you know who has byes coming up so they don’t catch you by surprise. My spreadsheet uses a 14 week schedule. Just click below.

Click to Download the Bye Week Cheat Sheet

Some quick facts I gathered while compiling the list:

1. Week 8 has the most teams on a bye week with 30

2. There are 6 teams on a bye week in week 1

3.  Army, Baylor, Cincinnati, Connecticut, UL Lafayette, Louisville, Memphis, Navy, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, SMU, South Alabama, USF, Texas, and UCF all have 3 bye weeks.

4. There are only two teams with only one bye week, USC and Colorado State.


      1. Injury information will be huge….I had Archer and Muema hurt in the 1st half but can’t seem to find much update-wise… you have good access to injury updates…..thx again!

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