CFF’s Workhorses Through Week 2

As week two is now behind us, lets take a look at players who are receiving a lot of opportunities to make plays. Some of these numbers may be skewed early in the season, as one game can have a huge effect on these numbers. But I think its still worth looking at as it could be an early indicator of whats to come. These are the top-20 leaders in “Passing Attempts”, “Rushing Attempts” and “Receptions”. I’m a firm believer in having “focal points” of offenses on my fantasy teams. There are quite a few studs listed, as well as some lesser known.  Give me a shout on Twitter @PutBoobieIn and let me know whose stats you think are skewed. Here is a list of the top “workhorses” across the country, through the first two weeks of the season:

Through Week 2

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