Depth Charts

Here is where all 130 FBS teams’ depth charts are located. I am not charging for the depth charts but I also have not completed them yet. I am going to post a live link to the depth charts and can be edited by all. Think of it as a Depth Chart Wiki of sorts. If you have the time, feel free to add what you think is missing or incorrect. This document usually takes weeks to complete for me and I will continue to work on them as I have time. Here is the link to view/edit the depth charts:  

 2017 Depth Charts

Once again, thanks for the support!


  1. Since I’m sure a lot of your clients are bettors this would be a great thing to have for all positions.

    The depth charts that Rivals and Our Lads have are the best I know of, but as the season grinds on they get less and less accurate.

    You have to dig around on each team’s site to get what you want, and even then there are lapses when the kid in the SID office forgets to do it or doesn’t know that an offensive lineman is out.

    This is an opportunity for somebody because I don’t think it’s being done.

  2. When do you plan on having version 1 completed? That would be a much better way of doing this. Per-season chart, Fall camp Chart and then an ongoing chart. Thoughts?

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