Hurricane Matthew: Fantasy Impact

We all have been keeping up with the weather as it relates to Hurricane Matthew as we should. Obviously, we wish everyone safety and don’t want to take this lightly but if you are on this site, you are concerned with your fantasy team. So let me just get to it. Many games in the southeastern part of the United States have either been postponed, moved, or just greatly affected by the conditions. When we are setting our lineups, it can be overlooked to check the weather conditions for every game each week. I have made it easier by going to the “Team Pages” tab or clicking here. I’m also going to highlight some of the games that have been affected or will be affected by the time the game kicks off. 

LSU at Florida- Cancelled (Postponed?)

This game has been all the talk over the last 24 hours. The game once scheduled for 12 PM Eastern on Saturday has been cancelled as both schools want the game to be played under their own circumstances. In short, LSU wants to move the game to Baton Rouge and has offered to help with the costs of doing so, as Florida doesn’t want to give up a conference home game. Common sense would tell you that the easy solution is to move the game to a neutral-site location but, again, the Gators don’t want to give up a home game. So as of now, this game is cancelled, however, a solution will be reached at some point. Otherwise, there will be some pushback from the other SEC schools on those two schools playing fewer conference games. Stay tuned on this situation

Tulane at Central Florida- Postponed

This one is not nearly as high profile as the previous game but it affects us as fantasy owners nonetheless. This game has also been rescheduled for November 5th. That obviously doesn’t help us this week but if you have players from these two, you need to find alternatives.

UMass at Old Dominion- Wind (Fri at 8:00PM ET)

This game will not be cancelled or postponed as it is far enough north that the worst of the storm is well south. However, the forecast tonight calls for 10-20 mph winds making throwing the ball down the field a bit of an issue. Luckily this game is being played tonight rather than tomorrow night.  Neither one of these teams really lights it up through the air but both have some talented players in the passing game. UMass relies more on the pass than Old Dominion does has the Minutemen are 3rd worst in the nation running the football so the likes of WR Andy Isabella and QB Andrew Ford may have some trouble tonight. Old Dominion may not be affected as much as they plan to stay more balanced than UMass. There shouldn’t be much, if any, rain tonight in Norfolk so RBs Ray Lawry (probable) and Jeremy Cox should have no issue.

Notre Dame at NC State- Rain/Wind (Sat at 12PM ET)

This game could be ugly. With 100% chance of rain and 15-25 mph winds at kickoff, points could come at a premium. If you are a Deshone Kizer owner (like me), be careful with this game. If you have any decent options you may want to consider starting them instead. Both of these teams will look to keep it on the ground and although Notre Dame has the better talent, I think the game suits NC State much more. The Wolfpack will look for Matthew Dayes to do most of the damage in this game. 

Virginia Tech at North Carolina-Rain/Wind (Sat at 3:30PM ET)

Just like Notre Dame-NC State, this game could be sloppy. Rain is expected and winds are expected to reach around 20 mph so the same passing issues will be present in this one. Mitch Trubisky is talented enough to overcome some of it but don’t expect a 500 yards performance out of him. Elijah Hood (questionable) and T.J. Logan could come up big for the Tarheels. On the Virginia Tech side of things, throwing the ball hasn’t been the calling card so they will continue to put the ball in the hands of its backs and I expect QB Jerod Evans to have a solid game on the ground as well.

Army at Duke- Rain/Wind (Sat at 3:30PM ET)

This game is tailor-made for Army and the option attack. Army leads the nation in rushing with 374 yards per game and shouldn’t alter their gameplan regardless of conditions. Like the other games in North Carolina this weekend, rain and wind is guaranteed. I’m expecting this game to be really low scoring and Jela Duncan should be back for Duke so that helps Duke’s chances.

Syracuse at Wake Forest- Rain/Wind (Sat at 7:00PM ET)

This is the game that may have the biggest fantasy impact of all of these I’ve mentioned because Syracuse absolutely loves to throw the ball. What might save this game is the fact that it may be late enough that the rain may be over by then. However, the wind should still be an issue so the ball could still be affected on throws down the field. Luckily, this offense can adapt and move the ball with shorter passes so I honestly don’t expect a huge drop off. I do want to give Wake Forest some credit here as they are 4-1 but we’ll see how good they really are going up against this offense. 

Charlotte at Florida Atlantic- Rescheduled (Sun at 12PM ET)

This one doesn’t change much as most of the weather issues should be moved out of the area by Sunday. With that said, there still could be a little wind that picks up throughout the game. This one shouldn’t be a huge issue anyway as fantasy production is pretty limited in this one outside of a couple players.

Georgia at South Carolina- Rescheduled (Sun at 2:30PM ET)

Another game that won’t be affected much by the weather other than the game being pushed back 24 hours. There should be no rain and wind should be somewhere between 5-10 mph. Jacob Eason shouldn’t have many limitations throwing the ball.


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